Happy Independance Day!!

Independence day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is associated with barbeques, picnics, baseball games, family reunions, and fireworks.  While those things are great highlights of the nationally celebrated holiday its important to take a step back and remember what it’s really about.

Independence day celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776, officially declaring independence from The Kingdom of Great Britain. July 4th, 1776 Thirteen colonies had officially been formed. It was until after the war of 1812 that these celebrations became popular and the Fourth of July celebrations continued to grow celebrating the freedom that our forefathers worked so hard to achieve.

So we ask that while your barbecuing with family, drinking with friends, and taking in the spectacular red, white, and blue fireworks you don’t forget what the holiday is really about and show your patriotism. Happy Fourth of July!

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