Press Mentions

Jingle bell Shop: The Old Port -and hundreds of visitors- revel in Merry Madness by Amy Paradysz at Portland Press Herald

Country Roads: Regency offers luxury in the heart of Maine by Rochelle Lash at Montreal

Maine girl who surived record transplant finally gets to celebrate by Kelley Bouchard at Portland Press Herald

Romantic Portland Maine Hotels by Susan Breslow Sardone for

Portland in 48 Hours by Susan Grisanti, Leanne Ouimet, Heidi Kirn, and Sophie Nelson at Maine Magazine

A Salute to U.S. Armories by Margaret Shakespeare at Preservation Magazine

Restaurants Buy the Farm by Taryn Plumb at Food Etc Magazine

Portland is for Walkers, and Eaters, and Sailors…… by David Filipov at The Boston Globe

Outdoor Retreat – Twenty Milk’s Excellent Lawn Dining Experience by Brian Duff at The Portland Phoenix

Portland’s Beloved Bartenders by Avery Yale Kamila

Luxury Hotel’s in Portland, Maine by Sabah Karimi at Demand Media/USA Today

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