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The Spa is all about whole body wellness. But we certainly don’t feel like that should be practiced only with us. So we’d like to share tips for you to use on a daily basis.

~~~Exfoliating your body~~~

  • Over exfoliating can seriously damage your skin
  • If your skin is sensitive or dry, use less abrasive products and avoid using products containing sea salts
  • Use exfoliator only on wet, clean skin
  • Exfoliation should be done with caution on dry or sensitive skin, in order to avoid irritation
  • Never use body exfoliating products for your face as they are too abrasive
  • Never exfoliate if your skin is sunburned or has open wounds
  • Always use products of high quality


~~~Caring for Dry Hands~~~

            Dry hands are caused by many things. Excessive washing, hot water, and the dry winter air . Here are some tips to keep them soft and younger-looking:

~  The top of your hands dry out quicker. If you wash often, focus on your palms.

~  Keep a bottle of lotion by the sink and use it after you wash your hands. Apply it while your skin is still damp to lock in moisture.

~  Wear rubber gloves when you wash the dishes to reduce exposure to harsh soap and hot water.

~  Strong or perfumed soap has a tendency to irritate skin. Stick with mild, moisturizing soap, particularly in the dry winter months.

~  For emergencies, coat your hands with petroleum jelly, vegetable or mineral oil. Put on some gloves and wear them overnight.

~  Turn down the heat and take cooler showers and baths to reduce dry skin and the itch that often goes with it.

~  When drying your hands, blot them. Don’t rub.

                        ~~~Habits to Break~~~

• Touching your face all the time may result in acne. If you can’t help but touch your face or lean your cheek on your hand, try to use hand sanitizer whenever possible.

• Go Hands free!  Cellphones sitting on the skin can cause acne and pigmentation changes.  The heat of the phone, friction, oils, makeup and bacteria is the perfect playground for negative skin changes. (Make a good habit of wiping down phones daily.)

• If you use whitening toothpaste and it drips down your chin while you’re brushing, that may be a cause of some breakouts in that area or even contact dermatitis.

• Smoking robs your skin of oxygen, which your skin needs to function and look its best.

• Using bar soap to wash your face will clog your pores, resulting in blackheads and dry, flakey skin.  So leave the bar soap for the body or better yet switch to a soapless bar for the body! 

            ~~~How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes~~~

Liquid foundation brushes should be cleaned daily and powder brushes should be cleaned once per week.

Step 1. Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm water (brush should be facing down).

Step 2. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo or professional brush cleaner to bristles and work into a light lather.

Step 3. Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. Continue rinsing until color leaves the brush.

(You can repeat step 2. If your brush is heavily soiled.)

Step 4.  Allow to air dry flat. (two days)


Do not stand brushes up because the water will settle into the glue that holds the bristles and weakens it solidity.

You can also use daily brush wipes and then a deep clean once a week.

~~~Summer Tips for a Natural You~~~

  • Avoid lip liner.
  • Dewy face with the lightest veil of translucent powder is the right summer look.
  • If you have hyperpigmentation (sunspots, darkening) use a foundation with the shade of your tanned skin to cover the area under your eyes and blend it well with the rest of the face. Then use nude or light brown eye shadow to give them a natural look.
  • Light shade of bronzer on cheekbones and chin gives you a beautiful suntan.
  • Sunglasses protect your eyes but do not stop the sun from tanning the rest of your face, resulting in eyes with paler skin around it than the rest of the face. To avoid this, generously rub sunscreen with SPF 30 with a broad spectrum over your entire face and body every two hours.
  • Use eyeliner pencil of slate gray, warm chocolate or navy shades with a light hand.
  • Wear only natural nude shades as lip colors while going out to the beach. If you cannot resist the temptation of using liquid lipstick while in the sunshine, keep it inside the cooler with your bottled water or carry it in a pot or tube with a wand. If your swivel lipstick is softening, try to cool it a little by placing it in a refrigerator or near an air conditioner.  In addition, wear an SPF on the lips before applying your lip color.

Cosmetics by Youngblood – sold in the retail section of our Spa – are perfect for achieving this look!

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